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  • Codice Prodotto: B07MNFDF1H
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  • Eucalyptus pachyphylla - red budded mallee - rare tropical plant tree seeds (10)

  • High germination seeds

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  • You are purchasing 10 of these rare seeds: eucalyptus pachyphylla - red budded mallee this lovely eucalyptus variety is a small tree, usually multiple-trunked with delightful "hula skirt" yellow flower clusters, contrasting red flower buds and red gum nuts. The abundant amounts of nectar produced attracts many types of pollinators. Relatively drought-tolerant, this eucalyptus has grey, smooth bark and will also tolerate light frost. This tree, like many of the eucalyptus family, flowers late in the year when very little else flowers (late fall to late winter).The flowering is followed by brown, ribbed gum nuts. This is a lovely addition to a smaller garden

    Farmerly Eucalyptus Pachyphylla Red Budded Mallee Rare Tropical Plant Tree Seeds (10) B07MNFDF1H